Century 21 Real Estate


When people are looking into buying a house they look at the various property sales agents that they can trust. Of the many names that you can find you will see that Century 21 is a name that is trusted. In this business you will find that Century 21 has the experience that customers need. This company was founded in 1971 by two businessmen. Later this company was taken over by a company called Metropolitan Life Insurance in 1984. People who are interested in Century 21 real estate have also shown interest in Putney edwardian conversion apartments. A clear aproach to Putney flats is usefull.

By the time 2006 rolled around Century 21 was operating under the franchise name of Realogy. You will find that this company has branches in over 40 different countries. Of these 8,100 of these branches are privately owned and operated. The number of employees who work here are about 140,000.

Many of these people have gone through in the property schools in their states and countries. You will be able to find these Century 21 offices in the US, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. In all of the places the superior salesmanship and friendly staff can be found. These people will be able to help you find the house that you need at the price that you can afford. For great, affordable houses check out Bargain Real estate Seattle and cheap Real estate Anchorage.

The various Century 21 offices all adhere to the Fair Housing Statement which is in place. This statement means that the sales personnel can’t discriminate on the people that they sell the houses to. Any disability is not to be considered as a reason not to sell a house to a customer. The sex, religion, ethnic origins are also not allowed to bar anyone from buying a house that is being sold by Century 21.


When you look at the website for this company you will see the many services which this company is going to provide you with. Among these services is that of allowing you to see a first time housebuyer’s buying guide. You can also get some staff at a Century 21 office which will allow you to design a house if you are planning on buying a piece of property and then building your dream house.

These are not the only services that you will find when you access these pages of Century 21. You will be able to access links which will educate you about buying and selling a house with Century 21. There is an mls listing that you can check out when you look at this page. And for Spanish speaking people the company has provided a link that will let them see the houses and the different information in Spanish. For people wishing to perchase a new home but are suffering from adverse credit, then worry no more. Just visit Value Real estate Portland for great bargains on houses or No credit check mortgages for property where the reality of perchasing your dream home can come true.

These are the numerous services that customers of Century 21 can expect when they are hunting for houses with the sales agents of this company. So let yourself explore the many wonders of buying a house with Century 21.