Window Blinds and interior design

Plissee Rollo or window blinds come in all shapes and sizes and are also becoming more poular as the years go by. If you take the time to choose a design that Plissee Rollocompliments your living room then the effect will be further enhanced by an attractive fireplace. Plissee Rollo are available to purchase both on or offline and in many cases there are more to choose from when ordering from a website.

Fireplace Design Ideas

It isn't often that you get to design your own fireplace. The occasion might be that you are in the design phase of building a home. Or perhaps you are in the middle of a huge remodeling job so you figure, as long as everything is all torn up, why not design a new fireplace from scratch too? So if you do have the chance to create the fireplace of your dreams, even though it is work, make sure to have fun. You won't get this chance often.

There are some obvious areas of concentration where you should put your attention to come up with the perfect design. The first is the hearth. If you go with a raised hearth, you create a platform on which to work when you are preparing or working with the fire. But think about how high you want the hearth and the firebox behind it to be raised. If it is at the same level with the carpet, it is very easy for things to go in and out of the fire from the floor. So raising it somewhat is a safety issue. But it also is an esthetic decision because by putting the fire above ground level, you make it even more of a center of attention than it already was.

One design idea that is often overlooked is the orientation and depth of the firebox. If you go with a larger firebox, that gives you much more room for larger fires. And while you may not want a bonfire in your fireplace, the extra room allows the fire to breathe and gives you maneuverability when you are adding wood or using your poker to maneuver the wood that is already part of the fire. A smaller firebox is more refined and is better if you are going with a gas fireplace because the smaller space tends to push the heat from the flames out the front.

outdoor fireplaceBut in terms of the look and style of the fireplace, probably the materials used for the fireplace wall and hearth facing will be the most dominant aspect of your fireplace. Of course, your default choice is red brick with white mortar. It is a time honored classic and it screams "fireplace" like no other material. Above all, standard red brick has a strong resistance to heat and holds up to the rough life of a fireplace well. But you can introduce variations and retain the strength. You can get the same quality of brick in different colors. An all white fireplace could be very striking and still just as well made.

Outside fireplaces

gartenmoebel photoMany people are now thinking about outside fire features which can also beused for cooking food on. If you have the right Gartenmöbel or garden furniture and are quite a social perosn then you may well wish look online at the various outside fire features that are coming onto the market.

Beyond these basic component ideas for how you will design your fireplace, you have choices in the mantle and the surrounds if you chose to use them. You can also paint your fireplace or drill mounts into it so you can put on display just about any customized item or decorative scheme you want to use to make that fireplace distinctively yours.

So have fun and play with lots of ideas. If you do the final design will be one that is unique, personal and one you will love for years to come. Interior design is a very important part of making sure your fire place fits in with the surrounding area.