Therapy For Children Who Stammer

Stammering is a speech impediment which is known to affect around one child stammeringpercent of people in the western world. People who have a stammer can find it difficult to speak fluently in any given situation however most would openly admit to having the most difficulty at the time when they are most under pressure. It can be especially hard in childhood, not only for the child but also for the child’s parents who only want, of course, the best for their child.
Finding suitable treatments for stammering can at times be difficult as there are many mixed messages out there. As an example a speech therapist is unable to provide the cure for stuttering that most stutteringpeople seek, they will advise that there is no known cure stammering or stuttering.
Then there are the people who state that they can provide a cure for stammering, so who is right? You can see just how difficult it can be with these differing of opinions.
Just as with any other issue in life I always feel that it is best to seek therapy or help from a person who has been through what you or your child is going through. In the case of stammering, a speech therapist has never had a stammer and therefore can not truly understand what it is like to have this form of speech impediment.
A person who has had a stammer and who has overcome it is likely to provide a much more specialist speech coaching service than your regular and traditional speech therapist.

There are many specialist stammering therapies available; these include one-to-one speech therapy courses as well as self-help products, which include a DVD, an audio-book and an e-book.
It can be extremely frustrating for the parents of children who have a stammer. They hate to see their child struggling in this way and of course it is also frustrating for the person who has the stammer. Being unable to talk fluently is often embarrassing and can have a deeply negative affect on one's self-esteem and overall confidence.