Afghan update

j-mo (165K)

Slice with J-Mo, the local governor.

lunch (92K)

Lunch at J-Mo's.

buds (96K)

Slice with fellow Marines.

cruisin (79K)

Cruisin' the 'hood.

howitzer (67K)

Checking the range.

Slice Mulligan

ef (71K)

I'm in country, waiting for the rest of 22 MEU to arrive.

I've only been on ship for 2 days. I went on our planning trips--leaving two weeks before everyone else--and am now in my deployment area.

This is good. The next time I'm on the boat, means I'm going home. Sweet. This deployment should prove a quick one. Heck, I'm 6 weeks down, 22 to go. Next week I'll be a quarter done. Easy money.

Where I Am

We're mobile, so location isn't exact



Slice has moved from Bagram to Khandahar, and is out of touch doing Marine stuff for a bit.

Travel Photos

c130ride (91K)

Getting there is half the fun!

marine (89K)

Familiar Terminal?

birdietent (87K)

This was Birdie's tent when he was here in Khandahar

cmdt (94K)

The Commandant and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps visit Slice and his Marines.

rleeermy (124K)

R. Lee Ermy also came to town

slicegator (83K)

Afghan pickup truck

slicejr (79K)

Slice Junior getting into a Marine frame of mind

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